• Shinya Deguchi (Editor)
  • Anthony Liu (Associate)

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  • Mr. Robert Castro, CPA, CGMA, Fairfield Forensic & Valuation Services

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What is the “Weavering Case”?

On May 30, 2012, the UK’s High Court found Magnus Peterson, a Swedish portfolio manager, guilty of perpetrating civil fraud against his clients. Transferred all losses to its related entities, Mr. Peterson had ran this UK’s first major fraudulent fund – Weavering Capital (UK) Limited for almost 5 years. In addition to the accusation of the PM, in August 2011, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands also ordered both Ekstrom and Stefan to pay a fine of $111 million each for neglecting their duties as directors of the Macro Fund. This is another interesting case to show the importance of due diligence research and the significance of the role of independent directors in corporate governance.

Why should I join?
“The Importance of Being Diligent” will host the next complementary webinar, The Macrotrix Reloaded, featuring the Weavering Case, a $639 million Global Macro scheme based in UK.  In this webinar, participants will learn about the background of the case as well as due diligence research which could help identifying this fraud.

Before joining the webinar, we encourage our participants to review our Weavering case study.

Weavering Case Study: link

Register Online
If you’re planning on participating, kindly make a reservation at the link below. It is recommended that all participants dial in five minutes before the presentation starts.

For Asia Session: link
For Americas and Europe Session: link

Presentation of Past Webinars

(Dec 2013) – Made-off Japan: AIJ Case: link
(Jan 2014) – From Minnesota with Lies: Petters Case: link
(Feb 2014) – The Crook and I: Bayou Case: link

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