The Crook and I


  • Shinya Deguchi (Editor)
  • Anthony Liu (Associate)

Date and Time:

  • Americas Session – 10:00am EST, Thursday, February 6, 2014
  • Asia Session – 10:00am HKT, Thursday, February 6, 2014
  • Europe Session – 10:00am GMT, Monday, February  6, 2014

What is the “Bayou Case”?

A Louisiana-born portfolio manager, Sam Israel, orchestrated a hedge fund fraud scheme from 1997 to 2005, with a help of Dan Marino, his CFO, who forged financial statements by creating a new CPA firm. Bayou Case is one of the common schemes used by several other prominent hedge fund fraud cases.

Why should I join?
“The Importance of Being Diligent” will host the next complementary webinar, The Crook and I, featuring the Bayou Case, a $450 million hedge fund fraud. Detection of fraud cases such as Bayou can be difficult, yet it is not impossible. In this webinar, participants of this webinar will have an opportunity to learn how investors can avoid this kind of Ponzi schemes through diligent research.

This complementary webinar will cover Shinya’s personal experience with Bayou’s fraudulent scheme, explanations of overall fraudulent scheme and techniques to identify red flags. In the middle of the presentation, our guest speaker Robert Castro will share his auditing knowledge in related to the Bayou Case. After the presentation, we will have a Q&A section which participants can ask questions to our speakers or share their opinions with other participants.

We are planning to invite one or two experts who can give us their views on this fraud scheme.

  • Background introduction of the Bayou case
  • Shinya’s Bayou Story
  • How to conduct due diligence on an accounting firm?
  • Lessons learned and recommendations to investors

Reading Materials
Before joining the webinar, we encourage our participants to review our Bayou Story and Bayou case study.

  • The Bayou Story: link
  • Bayou Case Study: link

Register Online
If you’re planning on participating, kindly make a reservation at the link below. It is recommended that all participants dial in five minutes before the presentation starts.

For Asia Session: link
For Americas Session: link
For Europe Session: link

Presentation of Past Webinars
(Dec 2013) – Made-off Japan: AIJ Case: link
(Jan 2014) – From Minnesota with Lies: Petters Case: link

***Special thanks to our guest speaker Mr. Robert Castro, experienced auditor from Fairfield Forensic & Valuation Services, for sharing his auditing knowledge in our webinars.

Robert Castro’s BIO: link

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