A combination photo shows AIJ Investment Advisors President Kazuhiko Asakawa attending a lower house session at the parliament in Tokyo

Kazuhiko Asakawa, March 27, 2012 before the Congress (Source: Reuters)


  • Shinya Deguchi (Editor)
  • Anthony Liu (Associate)

Date and Time:

  • Europe Session – 10:00am GMT, Monday, December 9, 2013
  • Asia Session – 10:00am HKT, Wednesday, December 11, 2013
  • Americas Session – 10:00am EST, Friday, December 13, 2013


  • Entry to Intermediate


On December 09, 2013, “The Importance of Being Diligent” will kick-off our session of the Trust, but Verify Webinar Series. The first session will focus on the subject of hedge fund due diligence using our proprietary hedge fund fraud case studies. Shinya Deguchi, our editor, will be presenting the famous “AIJ case”, a $2.4 billion Ponzi scheme scandal which struck the Japanese institutional investors in 2011.


The presentation will be based on Shinya’s speech in the “Fraud & Forensic Investigation Summit” in Kuala Lumpur on November 12-13, 2013, where more than a hundred professionals from various institutions, including Malaysia’s central bank and the anti-corruption agency, joined together to study the subject of fraud investigation.


This 30-minute complementary webinar will cover a short comprehensive review of the AIJ case and will provide an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation. Topics to be presented include: 

  • Background introduction of the AIJ case
  • Methods AIJ used to hide massive losses over 10 years
  • Background of Japan’s pension industry
  • Lessons learned and recommendations to investors

Before you join

We encourage our readers to review our AIJ case study before our Webinar. Our AIJ case study: http://www.being-diligent.com/case-n-5-aij/ 

Register Online

If you’re planning on participating, kindly make a reservation at the link below. It is recommended that all participants dial in five minutes before the presentation starts.

For Europe Session – link

For Asia Session – link

For Americas Session – link

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