• Shinya Deguchi (Editor)
  • Anthony Liu (Associate)

Date and Time:

  • Americas Session – 10:00am EST, Wednesday, January 8, 2014
  • Asia Session – 10:00am HKT, Thursday, January 9, 2014
  • Europe Session – 10:00am GMT, Monday, January 6, 2014


The Importance of Being Diligent will host the second Webinar session featuring Petters, a $3.65 billion hedge fund Ponzi scheme, which was operated over 20 years from Minnesota. We will discuss how it happened and why it continued for such a long time using our case study.


Petters’ asset-based lending strategy using a promissory note is a common technique to disguise a fraudulent investment activities among past fraud cases and understanding Petters’ scheme should help investors to take necessary due diligence actions before and event after investments. 


This 30-minute complementary webinar will cover a short comprehensive review of the AIJ case and will provide an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation. Topics to be presented include:

  • Background introduction of the Petters case
  • What is an asset-based lending strategy?
  • Methods Petters used to hide massive losses over 20 years
  • Lessons learned and recommendations to investors

Before You Join

We encourage our readers to review our AIJ case study before our Webinar. Our Petters case study:

Register Online

If you’re planning on participating, kindly make a reservation at the link below. It is recommended that all participants dial in five minutes before the presentation starts.

For Asia Session – link

For Americas Session – link

For Europe Session – link

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