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    National Center for Women and Children's Health Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    The National Center for Women's and Children's Health (China WCH) of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) is a State-level professional organisation for women and children's health under the aegis of the China CDC. It is the national centre for the technical direction of women and children's health care including maternal and child health (WCH/MCH). The core of the Center's work is to implement ‘Law of People's Republic of China on Maternal and Infant Health Care', ‘Program for Development of Chinese Woman' and ‘National Program of Action for Child Development in China'. Our guiding principles in this work are ‘with preventive care as the priority, around a core mission of health care and with the objective of guaranteeing reproductive health, to combine preventive health care and clinical practice to serve (at risk) groups and the grassroots'. Our mission is: ‘To provide scientific data and policy proposals to Chinese government drafting laws, regulations and policies on WCH/MCH; to set technical standards; and to provide guidance for the development of technical services in China's national women and children health care. Through technical and policy research and with the aim of raising the overall standard of women and children health, carry out related work under the professional supervision of the Ministry of Health's Division of Primary Health Care and Maternal and Child Health. The Center's Work:
    1. To promote and implement the ‘Law of People's Republic of China on Maternal and Infant Health Care' and related national policy guidelines.
    2. To provide scientific data and policy proposals to Chinese government drafting laws, regulations and policies on WCH/MCH, and to research technical standards.
    3. To ascertain the state of WCH/MCH in China and the factors affecting it. To assist implementing health agencies to draft development plans for WCH/MCH and reproductive health (RH).
    4. To provide professional guidance and consultative services to provincial level WCH/MCH work. To organise and carry out related academic activities.
    5. To assist in drafting the various standards for the standardisation of WCH/MCH work; to promote cooperation and exchanges between institutions working in WCH/MCH.
    6. To organise and carry out professional and career development training for all WCH/MCH workers.
    7. To organise and carry out scientific research into WCH/MCH and RH; to promote the use of appropriate technology and new technology.
    8. To gather, collate, analyse and publish national information on WCH/MCH; to establish and oversee an WCH/MCH management information system.
    9. To keep abreast of international developments in WCH/MCH and to provide relevant policy guidance and proposals to the government.
    10. Take responsibility for general and technical aspects of international cooperative projects in WCH/MCH and carry out international exchanges and cooperation.
    11. To cooperate with relevant organisations in the organising of health education and health promotion strategies on WCH/MCH and the implementation and evaluation of related plans.
    12. To assist in the carrying out of rural and community health work.
    13. Carry out other tasks as mandated by China CDC.